What is a Sender ID or Sender Number?

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What is a Sender ID?

A 'Sender ID' is the 'from' name/number that shows on the recipients phone when they receive the SMS.

Does ClickSend allow customising the Sender ID?

Yes we allow full sender ID (from number/name) customisation provided that the networks support it. You can view specific restrictions for each country here: Country specific restrictions

For example:

  • Australia - allows full sender ID customisation with no pre-registration.
  • USA/Canada - you can only set a ClickSend purchased number as the sender ID. You can't use an alphanumeric sender. If you don't have a ClickSend number, just choose the 'shared number' option or leave 'from' blank if using the API.
  • New Zealand - All messages will be sent via a 4-digit shortcode. If you need to send to New Zealand you should speak to your Sales team to discuss your needs.

What are the options for a Sender ID?

It can be numeric e.g. "+61411111111" or alphanumeric e.g. "MyCompany". If you're using an alphanumeric sender ID, the user won't be able to reply. When sending an SMS through our platform, we give you a few options:

  • A shared number (default) - we assign a number to the outgoing SMS so the user can reply. You can setup rules for incoming SMS, anything is possible.
  • Your mobile number - replies will be sent to you as an SMS. Replies will be sent to your mobile number and will not show on the account dashboard
  • Your business name - e.g. "MyCompany" The reciever can't reply. 11 characters maximum with no spaces.
  • Your dedicated number - you can purchase a ClickSend dedicated number. You can setup rules for incoming SMS, anything is possible.

How can I change the Sender ID?

Via the Dashboard

Set the from number option when sending.

Via the API

Simply set the 'from' parameter as the sender ID you want. e.g. 'from=MyCompany'. If you want to use a shared number, leave from blank or null.

Email to SMS

Using Authenticated email to SMS allows you to supply the from number/sender ID in the email subject line.

Are there any extra costs for changing the Sender ID

ClickSend doesn't charge any extra for setting a custom sender ID.

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