Can I add multiple sub accounts to my main account?

Updated 1 year ago

Sure! If you're account type is pre-paid, they will all share the same balance. If your account type is post-paid, we will send you a single invoice at the end of each month showing a break down for each sub account.

If you're on pre-paid and would like each of your sub accounts to use their own credit, our Reseller System would be perfect for you!

Add a sub account

  1. Log into your account dashboard
  2. Select the 'Accounts' menu
  3. Select the 'Add/Edit Subaccounts'menu
  4. Follow the steps to add a new sub account.

My company has different 'Cost Centres'

Ok great! You can create a sub account for each cost centre or business line. At the end of each month, we'll send you a breakdown showing the usage for each cost centre. You can also download this at any time yourself.

I have a huge list of sub accounts, help!

No problems, send us through a list and we can import these for you.

I would like to transfer from an existing provider

Ok great! We can help you export and import your sub accounts and contact lists.

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