Email to SMS/Email to Voice from a generic or shared email address

Updated 1 year ago

Like all other providers, we use the 'from' email address as authentication for email to SMS or email to Voice. If you're using a generic shared 'from' email address (e.g we won't know who's account to charge for the messages, since multiple clients could be using the same allowed email address.

If your use-case uses a generic/shared email address and you don't have control over it, we have another solution for you.

We can setup a long secure random email address that you can forward/send emails to. Anything that is sent to the email will be forwarded to an SMS or Voice call (you're choice).

The only limitation is that the message gets sent to a fixed mobile number or contact list. If this doesn't suit your use case, we can fetch the mobile number from the subject or body if you can enter it there.

The cost for this service is USD $15/month converted to your local currency. Contact us to have this setup on your account.

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