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From 30 January 2023, messages sent to Singapore using unregistered sender identification - including Alphanumeric Sender IDs, Dedicated Numbers and International Numbers - may be overwritten with Sender ID "Likely-SCAM" or may be blocked.

What's behind this change?

From 30 January 2023, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has advised us that it will implement the Full SMS Sender ID Registry Regime (SSIR). This is designed to better protect message recipients from scammers who falsely present themselves as recognised businesses. 

How to register your Sender ID(s).

To send messages using Sender IDs to Singapore numbers, you’ll need to register your Sender ID(s) including any Singapore Dedicated Numbers. This will help strengthen safeguards against scammers.   

When it comes to registering your Sender ID(s), there are a few steps involved, so we’ve set out a summary below. We recommend you check out the IMDA website for more detailed information about the process.  

  1. First, you need to have a Singapore unique entity number (UEN) in order to register a Sender ID. Foreign-based businesses can obtain a Singapore UEN by registering with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).  
  2. Once you have your Singapore UEN sorted, go to the SSIR portal to register your Sender ID(s). You may need to create an account if you don’t already have one. Please note that there is a SGD500 setup fee with SSIR and a SGD200 fee per Sender ID registration. If you are registering a Dedicated Number, we will need to provide you a Statement of Number Authorisation, confirming that ClickSend have provisioned the Dedicated Number to your business.
  3. Once you’ve successfully registered your Sender ID(s), you’ll need to provide us with a Letter of Authorisation. Please use our template and return it to ClickSend Support with your Company Header added and company details added, and signed.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding this operational direction or questions on the process we are here to assist you, please contact our support team at or via Online Chat from any ClickSend website, 24/7.

Or if you have questions about the registration requirements, please contact or visit the Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) website.


We recommend you check out the Frequently Asked Questions on the SGNIC’s website for information about the regime, cost, and registration requirements. Some additional information is summarised below.

1. Is registration mandatory?

The Sender ID Registry Regime applies to all organisations sending messages with Sender IDs to Singapore numbers from 30 January 2023. We cannot guarantee delivery of messages that do not comply with the registration requirements (including the Letter of Authorisation).

2. Can MessageMedia register a SenderID for me?

No we are unable to complete this for our customers. The regulations specify that the customers themselves need to apply for their own registered Sender ID(s). Once you’ve successfully registered your Sender ID(s), you’ll need to provide us with a Letter of Authorisation. You can use this template for the LOA.

3. What is a Letter of Authorisation?

An organisation may authorise a representative like ClickSend to send SMS with the organisation’s registered Sender ID on its behalf. For example, a marketing firm is appointed by an organisation to run a marketing campaign for the organisation. To authorise the representative to send such SMS with the registered Sender ID on the organisation’s behalf, a Letter of Authorisation (LOA) provided by the organisation who registered that Sender ID is required.

You can download the LOA template for representative here

4. Does this affect international roaming?

The Sender ID Registry Regime applies to all organisations sending messages with Sender IDs to Singapore numbers from 30 January 2023. After that date, messages containing unregistered Sender ID(s) to Singapore numbers may be blocked.

5. Which participating aggregator do I need to specify when I register my Sender ID(s)?

You will need to select Sinch Singapore Pte Ltd as the participating aggregator.

6. What if I want to add more SenderIDs later?

If you decide to register additional SenderIDs, you will need to send us a revised Letter of Authorisation. You can download the LOA template here.

7. What do I do if I no longer want to send to Singapore?

If you no longer wish to send to Singapore, we recommend that you:

1. remove Singapore numbers from your contact list or

2. contact our Support team and instruct us to block sending to Singapore.

8. I currently use ClickSend's shared number. Will that still work?

No, ClickSend's shared number for Singapore will no longer work. The new regulations specifically state that Shared Numbers are not allowed. Each individual customer must register their own SenderID.

9. What happens if I don’t do anything?

If you haven’t contacted us to block Singapore, and you attempt to send messages with unregistered SenderIDs to Singapore, your messages may be blocked and charges may apply under your Customer C. Please refer to our policy for more information.

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