Saudi Arabia

Updated 5 months ago

Sender IDs will be overwritten unless preregistered. 

To register a sender ID we require a detailed service description with the below information:

  • Sender ID.
  • WebsiteURL.
  • Traffic type (transactional or marketing/promotional).
  • Service description.
  • Sample message.

Marketing/Promotional: Sender IDs used for Marketing/ Promotional must include the postfix ‘-AD’ or ‘ AD’: e.g. 'ClickSendAD'

Sender ID + postfix must not exceed 11 characters. Promotional / marketing contents are allowed only from 7 am to 10 pm Saudi Arabia time zone (GMT +03:00).

No replies are accepted.

Delivery reports aren't accurate.

Some networks such as STC are no longer allowing URL shorteners to be sent on their network.

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