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All messages require to be sent via a shortcode - Alpha tags are not supported due to network restrictions.

Dedicated shortcode options

There are two types of dedicated short-codes available in New Zealand,

  1. Standard Rate Dedicated Short-Codes - Used for service-based communications where the end-user will get charged to reply, ie Appt reminders.

"XYZ Medical Clinic: Joe Bloggs had an appt with Dr ABC on 10/10/2020 at 10:45am. Please reply to confirm Y or N. Standard SMS and data charges apply."

Set-Up fee: $600 NZD

Monthly Fee: $300 NZD

  1. Zero-Rated Dedicated Short-Codes - Used for any marketing messages to ensure the opt-out is free of charge to the recipient.

"ABC Sportwear: Come in store this Friday for 50% off all stock for VIP members. Make sure you bring your membership cards. Reply STOP to opt-out"

Pricing for these Zero-Rated numbers are handled differently and therefore will occur different charges.

Set-Up fee: $600 NZD

Monthly Fee: $300 NZD

Outbound SMS Rate: $0.13/message NZD

* Pricing will be converted to your account currency.

To register for a shortcode in New Zealand:

  1. Create a ClickSend Account
  2. Select New Zealand as a country you will be sending to
  3. Follow the steps until you get to the ClickSend dashboard
  4. Go to the top right hand corner -> Global Sending
  5. Drop down ' Registration needed to send messages"
  6. Select Register New Zealand
  7. Complete the Jotform

Once submitted someone from our Sales team will be in contact to discuss the shortcode options and associated fees.

Please note, a 6-month commitment is required. Shortcode can take up to 4-6 weeks to be set up.

Read more about Staying Compliant in New Zealand.

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