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France is an extremely large and complex mobile messaging market. There are numerous restrictions and regulations and ClickSend is pleased to have a high-quality direct route into France in order to facilitate your sms delivery there!

This direct connection supports handset delivery receipts and delivery to ported numbers.

Alpha senders are allowed, however, we recommend using longcodes for better delivery rates.

The restrictions are:

  • Unicode Messages are not supported on Bouygues and a few other networks. This is a network limitation affecting all SMS providers. To disable unicode characters, change the setting to 'Force non-unicode' here:
  • French networks don't allow P2P Carrier to Carrier traffic (i.e. numeric sender IDs, to avoid spoofing of identities). Any numeric-only sender IDs will be automatically replaced by a shortcode except for the following networks:
  • For LycaMobile, all Sender IDs will be replaced with a local French Number.
  • For Virgin (OMEA) Mobile, dynamic Numeric and AlphaNumeric Sender IDs are allowed.
  • Special characters in sender IDs are not allowed and will either be replaced by character escape or the message will be rejected.
  • Non standard GSM character will be downgraded to avoid breaking the handset display
  • Dedicated longcodes support 10,000 messages per month. More than this and messages are subject to filtering.
  • For all networks any senders containing the network names (i.e. 'sfr') will be filtered and nor delivered
Non-Marketing Messages

We use transactional routes by default which means your messages will be delivered 24/7. If you want to send out marketing campaigns, please let our support staff know first so we can change your routes.

Marketing Messages

If you'd like to send marketing traffic, please let us know before so we can set you up. 

By default, the sender ID will be overwritten to a shortcode. You must add 'opt out reply stop' (translated to French) to the message body.

Time-based Restrictions (Marketing Messages Only)

From Monday to Saturday between 10 pm - 8 am (CET), the messages sent during this time frame will be queued on carrier end and will be send on next working day.2. On Sundays and Bank holidays, the messages sent during this period will be rejected.

2-Way SMS

For 2-way SMS, you can purchase a dedicated long code. Please contact our support team to purchase a dedicated number and provide your local address.

You can use this in the body e.g. "... reply to +33123456789" or "....opt-out reply STOP to +33123456789"

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