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France is an extremely large and complex mobile messaging market. There are numerous restrictions and regulations, but ClickSend is pleased to have a high-quality direct route into France in order to facilitate your SMS delivery there!

This direct connection supports handset delivery receipts and delivery to ported numbers.

The following types of sender ID's are permitted in France:

  • Alphanumeric sender ID: If for one-way traffic, transactional messages can only be sent. If for two-way traffic, marketing messages can be sent and must include the opt out verbiage "STOP SMS AU 36184." Be aware that some mobile networks will overwrite alphanumeric sender ID's with a short code.
  • Dedicated long codes: For low volume, two-way traffic. Volume limitations per number are a maximum of 100 SMS per hour, 1000 SMS per day, and 10,000 SMS per month. Exceeding these limits will result in a suspension of the number.
  • Dedicated short codes: For high volume two-way traffic. Dedicated Short Codes offer the highest throughput at 10 SMS per second.
  • Shared short codes: For high volume, one-way marketing or transactional traffic. STOP opt out commands will be forwarded back to the sender, but any other replies will not be received. For two-way messaging, you must use a dedicated long code or a dedicated short code. The sender ID 36ABC will be used for marketing traffic and the sender ID 38DEF will be used for transactional traffic.
Non-Marketing Messages

We use transactional routes by default which means your messages will be delivered 24/7. If you want to send out marketing campaigns, please let our support staff know first so we can change your routes.

Marketing Messages

If you'd like to send marketing traffic, please let us know before so we can set you up with the correct routing.

Time-based Restrictions (Marketing Messages Only)

Marketing messages are allowed from Monday to Saturday between 8 am and 10 pm (CET). Messages sent outside of these times will be queued and sent the next working day. Any messages sent on Sundays or bank holidays will be rejected, so do not send on these days.

2-Way SMS

For 2-way SMS, you can purchase a dedicated long code or a dedicated short code. Dedicated long codes are intended for low volume sending though, so If you need high volume two-way capabilities, you must purchase a dedicated short code. If you are interested in purchasing either of these, please contact our support team and provide your local address.

Banned Content

- Cryptocurrency

- Drugs, cannabis & Vapes

- Adult content - including ads for sex work & prostitution

- Personal messaging

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