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China is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world for mobile messaging. However, it is particularly difficult to deliver to and many filters are in place to block messages in and out of the country. Cheap links into China will simply not work and the majority of messages will be rejected or blocked via these. Therefore ClickSend is happy to share that we are using a direct link into all Chinese networks with very high delivery-ratio results!

All alpha tags and message content to China must be whitelisted with the network first. Please contact your Global sending specialist or

In general, the following restrictions apply to all Chinese carriers:

  1. Messages will be delivered on a random shortcode, with the tag ClickSend at the beginning of the message. You can register your own tag when whitelisting your content. These messages do not support replies.
  2. 2-way messaging is available via a registered, dedicated 13 digit shortcode. There is a €100 set up fee and €50 per month fee for the shortcode.
  3. Handset delivery receipts are supported, as is delivery to ported numbers.
  4. Message content-length:
    1. up to 65chars UCS2 or 130chars ASCII for each non-concatenated SMS;
    2. up to 62chars UCS2 for each SMS if concatenated (not support ASCII)
  5. Adult, religious and especially political messages are very likely to be blocked. Known filtered keywords: Falung Gong, SB, Tiananmen Square or keywords in the category of: Gambling, Adult content, Property, Education, Migration, Financial services, Loans, Beauty care, Cosmetic surgery, Healthcare, Red Timber, Alcohol related. A list of blocked keywords can be found here:
  6. Arabic characters cannot be supported in any Chinese networks.

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