Which dedicated number is the best option for me? (USA)

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The USA has very specific messaging restrictions and a direct connection is necessary in order to ensure message delivery to the numerous networks. ClickSend uses an extremely high-quality, direct connection in order to deliver your SMS to the USA. Replies are supported on all options.


Toll-free numbers are a good robust solution for those looking to send straight away. In general, they are the preferred option for many businesses sending small-medium volumes due to the affordable price and ease of use when getting started.

Some things to consider when purchasing a toll-free number is that networks are likely to block generic URL shorteners such as bit.ly. ClickSend has a URL shortener you can use instead with SMS Campaigns. They will also block the toll-free number if they suspect spam is being sent.

Handset delivery reports are supported.

Toll-free numbers can be purchased directly off the dashboard and used instantly.

10 DLC

With 10DLC (10-digit long codes), you can send high volumes of messages from a local number. It has been specially designed and sanctioned for business messaging. They are the perfect solution for businesses sending mid-large sized campaigns. You can request a local area code when applying for a 10DLC or update your existing local number (longcode).

10DLC is a significantly cheaper option than a short code and the registration process is both easier and quicker. It is a $100 set up fee and a monthly $19 fee.

We’ll help you submit information about your brand and use case to receive a trust score which will determine how many messages you can send per day. Allow us up to 3 business days to have approved on your account.

Dedicated Short Code

A dedicated short code offers the best method of delivery in the United States, offering the highest throughput and performance. They are typically 5-6 digits long which makes them easy to remember. Short codes are best used for businesses that need to send or receive a high volume of text messages in a short amount of time, making them ideal for large volume marketing campaigns.

Handset delivery reports are supported.

You will need to get your use case pre-approved by the networks. Plan ahead as it may take up to 8-12 weeks to be approved.



Short Code



1-3 days

8-12 weeks








Very High

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