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This article will guide you through steps how you can add ClickSend SMS to workflow.

  1. Design your app: Add single line input for Phone number and Multiline input for message body. Add button which will trigger the Workflow.
  2. For the button, click Start/Edit workflow to include it to your app's workflow.
  3. Let's add ClickSend SMS plugin: Go to add action > Plugins >Install more plugin actions.
  4. Look for ClickSend SMS and install. Click Done after.
  5. Going back to the workflow, add Send SMS action under plugins.
  6. Configure ClickSend - Send SMS Settings by adding dynamic values according to the fields.
  7. From number field (from_number): Add your dedicated number or business name. You can also put your personal number as the sender number of your SMS.
  8. If you have chosen ClickSend - Send SMS (Shared) action, the from number isn't specified and so it will automatically use our free shared numbers as the sender number of your SMS.
  9. Connect your ClickSend account credentials by entering your API Key.
    - 'username' is the username you use in ClickSend
    - 'api_key' is the API key found in the ClickSend dashboard:
  10. Then preview your design and test. An SMS will be sent to the entered number.

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