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What is a 10DLC?

A 10DLC (10-Digit Long Code) is a number that’s specifically designed and approved for business messaging in the United States of America and Canada.  It is often considered a better option for certain use cases when compared to traditional short codes or long codes. 

Here are some reasons why businesses may find 10DLC to be a more suitable choice:

  1. Cost-effective: A 10DLC can be more cost-effective than short codes. This makes it a more accessible option, especially smaller businesses with budget constraints. Short codes can be more expensive to acquire and maintain.
  2. Faster approval process: The approval process for a 10DLC is typically faster than short code approval. Businesses can get their campaigns up and running faster, which is perfect for time-sensitive promotions or communications.
  3. Versatility: A 10DLC can be used for a range of messaging, including marketing, customer support, and notifications. It’s a flexible solution for different business needs.
  4. Local presence: Local 10-digit phone numbers allow businesses to establish a familiar presence. This can enhance customer trust and engagement, especially in regions where customers are used to getting messages from local phone numbers.
  5. Scalability: 10DLC supports high message volumes. It’s great for businesses with growing messaging needs. If you anticipate an increase in messaging demand over time, a 10DLC is a great choice. 
  6. Improved deliverability: Compared to long codes, 10DLC often has better deliverability rates. Messages sent via 10DLC are more likely to reach their intended recipients, ensuring reliable communication.
  7. Reduced spam risks: All 10DLC numbers are subject to carrier and industry regulations, which helps to reduce the risk of spam. This ensures that businesses using a 10DLC follow best practices for messaging and adhere to guidelines.

There is a daily sending limit that starts from 2,000 SMS. You may be able to increase your daily limit to up to 200,000/day. Please contact support for next steps. 

We’ll help you submit information about your brand and use cases to receive a Trust Score. This score will help to determine your daily messaging allowance. Click here to learn more about Trust Scores. 

For help with obtaining 10DLC numbers please complete this form, 

10DLC for countries outside US

You can register a 10DLC for countries outside of the US/Canada. If you're interested in applying, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Provide a valid Tax ID of your brand/business.
  2. Company address where your brand/business is based.
  3. Complete the 10DLC registration form.

All of the information you give is carefully reviewed, including your use cases, opt-ins and sample outbound messages, to ensure it meets the TCR standards. We encourage applicants to provide accurate and matching details during registration to increase their chances of approval and to earn a high trust core.

Here’s the list of countries that can apply for 10DLC

- Australia

- Belarus

- Chile

- Croatia

- Hungary

- Iceland

- Ireland

- Italy

- Latvia

- Lithuania

- Luxembourg

- Malaysia

- Malta

- Netherlands

- New Zealand

- Northern Ireland

- Norway

- Poland

- Portugal

- Romania

- Saudi Arabia

- Singapore

- Slovakia

- Slovenia

- Sweden

- Taiwan

- United Arab Emirates

- United Kingdom

If the  country you want to send to isn't listed, you can apply for a Toll-Free Number (TFN). With a TFN, you can send up to 50,000 messages per day or 500,000 messages per month once verified and registered. Learn more

10DLC use cases

Registered use cases define the types of messages you will send to subscribers for a 10DLC campaign. 

There are different campaign information and opt-in rules for certain use cases. In some situations, you may need to use sub-use cases to cater to specific campaign needs. 

Standard and common use cases

Below are the common use cases to use for 10DLC campaigns.

Use cases
Example contents
Example messages

Account notification

Can be selected as a sub-use case

Typical notification sent to account holders, pertaining to and concerning an account.

ClickSend account notifications

Hello (First name), your account has been updated successfully.

Higher education

Can be selected as a sub-use case

Applicable to colleges or universities. As well as school districts and educational institutions that don’t align with any "free to the consumer" messaging model.

  • Class schedule notifications
  • Teachers absences

Please note the University X side parking will be closed for repairs until further notice.

Customer care

Can be selected as a sub-use case

Every interaction with customers, spanning tasks like managing accounts and providing customer service.

  • Hospital reception
  • Support centres
  • Travel agents

For technical support, please reply with SUPPORT.

Fraud alert

Can be selected as a sub-use case

Messages concerning possible fraudulent activities associated with an account.

  • Foreign login notifications
  • Unusual banking activity

A device has accessed your account from a new location, please verify

Delivery notifications

Can be selected as a sub-use case

Details regarding the status of the delivery of a product or service.

  • UPS Parcel deliveries

Your order has been delivered.

M2M (machine-to-machine)

Can be selected as a sub-use case

Enabling automation through communication between computer systems, without involving human interactions.

  • Vehicle fleet Management

Component XYZ operating at optimal levels. No issues detected. Timestamp: [Date/Time]. For details, check the system dashboard.


Can be selected as a sub-use case

Any communication associated with marketing and/or promotional content.

  • Loyalty schemes
  • Promo codes
  • Adverts

To receive 20% off your next order, please reply with TAKE20 to get your code. ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe

Security alert

Can be selected as a sub-use case

Alerts indicating a security breach in a system. These alerts often need a response from the recipient.

  • Password leak
  • System intrusion
  • Fire/Motion detection alerts

We have been made aware that a potential security breach has occurred. Please reset your password.

Public service announcement

Can be selected as a sub-use case

Messages intended to increase awareness about a significant issue.

  • Electricity outage
  • Water works
  • Road traffic information

A gorilla has escaped from the zoo. Please do not approach, contact law enforcement.

Polling voting

Can be selected as a sub-use case

Surveys and voting processes applicable to non-political contexts.

  • Customer surveys
  • X-Factor candidate votes

Should the board amend the rules to allow pets? Please reply YES or NO.


Can be selected as a sub-use case

Messages for Two-Factor Authentication purposes, aimed at authenticating or verifying your subscriber.

  • OTP messages

Here is your authorisation code: 111222

Special use cases

Pre or post-registration approvals from networks/carriers will be necessary for these use cases. Each unique use case will undergo distinct approvals, potentially undergoing heightened scrutiny in the review phase. Keep in mind that additional time may be needed to complete the approval process when submitting your application.

Political campaigns are not supported on 10DLC, please purchase a TFN (Toll-Free Number) and have it verified for Political campaigns. More Info

Use cases
Example contents
Sample messages

Agents and franchises

Cannot be a selected as a sub-use case

Agents, representatives, franchisees, and community branches

Post registration approval

Maximum 5000 numbers linked

  • Planet Fitness franchise
  • Taco Bell franchise

Thanks for your interest in Raleigh, NC homes. We'll get back to you in two business days with the top 5 options that match your search criteria.

Carrier exemptions

You can select up to 5 sub-use cases

Cannot be a selected as a sub-use case

Exemption by Carrier

Post registration approval


Dear Malik, we received your shipment to No.3, Isa street,

Ghaziabad - receipt no 32456 with charges of 3200. Thank you for choosing XXXCourier


Cannot be a selected as a sub-use case

Alerts created to bolster public safety and health in the face of natural disasters, armed conflicts, pandemics, and other national or regional emergencies.

Post registration approval

  • Natural Disaster
  • Weather alerts
  • Terror attacks
  • Medical Pandemi

New mandates are now being enforced. Please follow the link for more info -  https:/


Cannot be a selected as a sub-use case

Exclusively for government entities.

Limited to US governmental agencies.

Reserved for Government brands.

US Governmental agencies only

  • FBI
  • DoJ

K-12 Education

Cannot be a selected as a sub-use case

Communication platforms aiding K-12 schools and remote learning centres.

Post registration approval

K-12 schools only

Reminder for all students!

Tutoring is available. So, if you need a little extra help in your class, use the online scheduling hub to set up a tutoring appointment:



You can select up to 5 sub-use cases

Cannot be a selected as a sub-use case

Correspondence from officially registered charitable organisations focused on offering assistance and fundraising for those in need

Includes: 5013C Charity.

Excludes: Religious organisations

Non-Profit U.S. brands only

  • Direct Relief
  • CancerCare
  • Habitat For Humanity

A severe storm has devastated a rural town. We are asking for help with their recovery. Please donate if you can.


Cannot be a selected as a sub-use case

Group messaging within P2P applications using proxy/pooled numbers.

Enabling customised services and safeguarding personal numbers in enterprise or A2P communications.

Post registration approval

  • Linked-in
  • Instacart app


You can select up to 5 sub-use cases

Cannot be a selected as a sub-use case

Interactions between public figures/influencers and their audiences.

Requires double opt-in

Pre and Post registration approval

  • Tiktok alerts
  • Youtuber alerts

App Update: You have a new friend request from [Name]. 


Cannot be a selected as a sub-use case

All sweepstakes messaging

Post registration approval

  • Contests
  • Lotteries

To be qualified to win the grand prize, you need to be entered by Friday. Reply ‘STOP’ to unsubscribe

Mixed use cases

Campaigns can have a mixed use case. For example, your campaign can cover multiple use cases such as customer care with delivery notifications. Please note that mixed campaigns are more likely to have a lower trustscore and will lead to lower throughput/small volume of messages allowed.

For Low volume mixed use case, there will be a capping of 2,000 outbound SMS daily.

If you require different use cases and high throughput, additional campaigns can be registered to your business (up to 10).  


Your business can run up to 10 campaigns at a time. Each campaign incurs a monthly fee of $35 AUD. 

For each campaign, you can have a maximum of 49 10DLC numbers, with each number incurring an additional $5 AUD monthly cost. 

If you're a reseller, you can sign up for a number pool supporting approximately 5,000 10DLC numbers. Please contact support for setup.

10DLC campaign requirements

To get your campaign registered, you must prepare and provide the following information:

Register your Company 

  • Company legal name (required)
  • Company display name (required)
  • Website 
  • Support email (required)
  • Support phone (required)
  • Entity type (required) (Options:  Public traded, Private company, Non-profit)
  • Business vertical (required) (Options: Retail, Entertainment, Legal, Educations, Government, Manufacturing, etc…)
  • Country (required)
  • Street name and number (required)
  • City (required)
  • State (required)
  • EIN (required) - also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is used to identify a business entity. If outside for the US and Canada, use a Tax ID identifier.

Register your campaign

  • Campaign type/use cases (required)
  • 2 sample messages (required)
  • Opt-in process
    - How will your contacts opt in? (required)
    - How many SMS per month can an individual contact expect? (required)
  • Will you have direct lending content?
  • Will you have age gated content?
  • Will you include a help message? (required)
  • Will you include an opt out message? (required)
  • Do you plan to send more than 2,000 messages in a day?
  • Do you require more than 49 numbers?
  • Would you like to purchase a new number?
  • Provide your top 3 area codes
  • Would you like to text-enable your own number?
  • List the numbers you would like to text-enable
  • Link to your privacy policy (optional)
  • Link to your terms and conditions (optional)
  • Confirmation that you will not use the campaign for affiliate marketing (required)
  • Your Signature (required)

Disallowed content

When submitting your use cases and sample messages, please consider the prohibited content that is not supported in the US and Canada. See prohibited content here.

Ensure that you provide all these details for each campaign you will register. Our team will review each application and may ask you to make updates. This is to make sure you meet the requirements.

Opt-in and help process

Your contacts need to subscribe to SMS before you send them a message. 

Contacts must actively choose to opt-in for SMS and MMS. Opt-in consent must be collected and documented. More info

In the 10DLC form, you’ll need to provide:

  • How will subscribers opt-in for SMS? (Options: keyword, online opt-in form, in person, over the phone)
    • If the method is ‘keyword’, please list an example keyword your customers will opt-in with.
    • Example keywords to use: Join, Yes, Subscribe, Accept, Begin, Start.
    • If you’re using an online opt-in form, please upload the image of your online form. 
  • How many messages per month can an individual subscriber expect? (Maximum of 10)

Once your subscribers have opted-in, you can add your subscribers to a ClickSend contact list. Find out how.

Each can list can have up to 20,000 phone numbers. If you need more, please reach out to our support team.

Note: The opt-in keyword is only required for campaigns allowing SMS opt-in.

Campaign opt-in messages must contain the following:

  • The brand/company name
    • Your brand name must be included on your message
  • A message frequency disclosure
    • It informs users how often they will receive messages from a service
    • ‘Msg freq varies’, ‘One msg per request’, ‘One recurring weekly message’ etc.
  • The ‘messages & data rates may apply’ disclosure
    • This informs users that they may incur charges for receiving text messages or using data.
    • Msg&data rates may apply’
  • A description of the opt-out method
    • This allows users to unsubscribe or opt out by following provided instructions. You can use:
      • ‘Text STOP to stop’, ‘STOP to unsubscribe’
      • An unsubscribe link ‘Click this link [URL] to unsubscribe’
      • A phone number unsubscribe ‘Text STOP to +61411111111 to unsub’
      • An email address to unsubscribe “Email to unsubscribe;
      • can use keywords ‘CANCEL’, ‘QUIT’, ‘END’.
  • A description of the help method
    • Allows users to request help and more information
    • “Text HELP for help”
    • Can use other help keywords ‘SUPPORT’, ‘ASSIST’, ‘SOS’, ‘INFO’.
  • Privacy policy and terms & conditions links
    • Link to the terms & conditions and privacy policy on your website.

Opt-out process

Every 10DLC campaign must provide a method to unsubscribe with the ‘STOP’ keyword. You have the option to specify additional keywords based on your requirements.

An SMS confirming that the subscriber has unsubscribed must include:

  • Your brand name
  • Confirmation that the subscriber has been successfully removed from the campaign

Confirmation that the subscriber “will no longer receive any further messages

Campaign opt- out messages must contain the following:

  • The brand/company name
    • Your brand name must be included on your message
  • The “Messages & data rates may apply” disclosure
    • This informs users that they may incur charges for receiving text messages or using data.
    • “Msg&data rates may apply”
  • A description of the opt-out method
    • Allows users to unsubscribe or opt out by following provided instructions. You can use:
      • Text STOP to stop, ‘STOP to unsubscribe’
      • An unsubscribe link ‘Click this link [url] to unsubscribe’
      • A phone number unsubscribe ‘Text STOP to +61411111111 to unsub’
      • An email address to unsubscribe ‘Email to unsubscribe’
      • can use keywords ‘CANCEL’, ‘QUIT’, ‘END’
  • A description of the help method
    • Allows users to request help and more information.
    • ‘Text HELP for help’
    • Can use other help keywords ‘SUPPORT’, ‘ASSIST’, ‘SOS’, ‘INFO’
  • Privacy policy and terms & conditions links
    • Link to the terms & conditions and privacy policy on your website.
  • A follow up confirmation message that they will no longer receive messages from you.

With ClickSend, contacts who reply with ‘STOP’ will be automatically moved out of the contact list to the opt out list. You can create more unsubscribe inbound rules in your ClickSend account to support opt out to keywords like ‘CANCEL’, ‘QUIT’ and ‘END’. You can also create automated replies on unsub keywords to send opt out confirmation messages. Create unsub keywords and auto replies here. Contact our support team if you require any assistance.

You must make sure that all subscribers who opted out are removed from the campaign and the ClickSend contact list. See FAQS here.

Example messages

Below are example messages for the opt-in, help and opt-out methods.

Consented message

  • [Brand name]:  Hello [Recipient's Name]! Thank you for opting in to receive updates. Get ready for exclusive offers and exciting news. Reply 'YES' to confirm your subscription. Message frequency varies. Msg & data rates may apply. To opt-out, reply 'STOP'. For help, reply 'HELP'. View our Privacy Policy: and SMS Terms:"

Text to join consent message

  • [Brand name]: Text JOIN to receive updates. Message frequency varies. Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to stop, HELP for help. View our Privacy Policy: and SMS Terms:"

Confirmed opt out message

  • [Brand name]: You have successfully unsubscribed & will no longer receive any additional messages.” [optional: “Text HELP for assistance or JOIN to rejoin."]

Understanding age-restricted content

Content related to SHAFT (Sex, Hate, Vape, Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco) is generally not allowed to be sent via SMS. However, messages that contain tobacco and alcohol content may be able to be sent if the sender can meet carrier approval and an age restriction/gate is in place. 

How do you meet carrier approval?

If you're planning to send promotional and/or marketing text messages about alcohol or tobacco, you would need to apply for a 10DLC number and make sure  your business is registered.

You would also need to have a high-quality age-gated opt-in method in place. For example, you might ask subscribers to confirm their age before they can sign up for messages about alcohol, tobacco, and other age-restricted content.

What is an age restriction/gate?

An age restriction/gate is like a digital bouncer—it checks the age of the person before letting them see the content. It is set up to ensure that only people above a certain age can see or interact with certain content.

The above rules help businesses to meet the legal requirements and act responsibly. It also helps to keep young people from seeing things they shouldn't.

Compare the examples below to see the difference between an acceptable and not-acceptable age-gated opt in.

Acceptable age-gated opt in form

Requires age verificationbefore subscription.

Not acceptable age-gated opt in

When you apply for 10DLC numbers to send content about age-restricted products, you must include proof of your age-gated opt in method.


The USA has very specific messaging restrictions and a direct connection is necessary to ensure message delivery to the numerous networks. ClickSend uses a high-quality, direct connection to deliver your SMS to the USA.

You can review our best practices here: US Best Practices

All SMS traffic associated with 10DLC campaigns must adhere to specific rules and align with the CTIA guidelines.


  1. How is 10DLC different from short codes?

Short codes are typically shorter, dedicated numbers. While a 10DLC uses local 10-digit phone numbers for messaging. Shortcodes also support unlimited volume.

  1. What types of messages can be sent using a 10DLC?

A 10DLC is suitable for both Application-to-Person (A2P) and Person-to-Person (P2P) messaging, making it versatile for various use cases.

  1. Do I need approval for 10DLC campaigns?

Yes, approval is required from carriers for 10DLC campaigns. Keep in mind, each use case may require specific approvals.

  1. What is the messaging throughput for 10DLC?

Throughput limits vary, but 10DLC generally offers higher message throughput compared to traditional long codes.

  1. Can I use 10DLC for marketing campaigns?

Yes, a 10DLC is suitable for marketing campaigns, but compliance with carrier guidelines and regulations is essential.

  1. Are there any specific guidelines for 10DLC messaging content?

Yes, carriers may have guidelines regarding message content, and certain types of content may be restricted or subject to additional scrutiny.

  1. How long does it take to get approval for a 10DLC campaign?

Approval times vary depending on specific use cases but usually it is a 1 to 3 day process. More Info

  1. Can 10DLC be used for international messaging?

10DLC is primarily designed for domestic messaging in the United States.

  1. What happens if my 10DLC campaign is not approved?

If your campaign is not approved, you may need to address any issues or seek further clarification from the carriers before resubmitting for approval. You can also get advice and tips from ClickSend’s US and Canada account managers.

  1. Can I purchase a 10DLC if I live outside of the US & Canada?

Yes. Companies based outside of the US should provide a business tax identification number for their country. Ie. For Australia, you must supply your ABN number.

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