How do I receive SMS Delivery Receipts (Delivery status updates)

Updated 4 years ago

When sending a SMS, our API will respond with status=SUCCESS. This isn't the final state (it means that the message has been sent to the networks for delivery). A few seconds later (up to 3 days later), a status update will be received from the networks (a delivery receipt). The delivery receipt will contain more detailed information e.g. Delivered to the handset or phone switched off. There are 2 ways to receive this data:

Push Delivery Receipts (Webhooks)

With this option, we HTTP POST delivery receipts to you as we receive them from the networks. Documentation can be found here.

Pull Delivery Receipts (Polling)

With this option, you poll our server periodically when it suits you. Documentation can be found here.* scroll down to 'Pull Delivery Receipts'

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