How do I import contacts?

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How to Import Your Contacts

  1. Log into the dashboard
  2. Click on the ‘Contacts’ menu
  3. Add a new contact list
  4. Click on ‘View’ next to a contact list
  5. Click on ‘Import’ and follow the steps.
  6. There is an example template that you can use. It doesn't have to be in a specific format - the columns can be in any order.
  7. After importing, you can send a message to all or individual contacts.

Number Format

1) have the number in full international format (with country code) e.g. 614xxxxxxxx / 1555xxxxxxx / 44xxxxxxxxx


2) use local number format (e.g. 04xxxxxxxx) and we'll try to convert the number based on your accounts' default country code here:


3) add a column to the spreadsheet with the 2 character country code for each contact e.g. ‘US’ and we will use that to convert the number. Make sure you choose the 'country' column when importing the contact list.

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