Can we shorten a URL automatically?

Updated 4 years ago

Yes you can do this using our SMS campaigns system.

To do this:

1. Create a new SMS campaign on the dashboard here:

2. Fill out all the fields as normal, then click on 'Add Short URL' and enter the long URL you want to shorten.

3. We will automatically add a placeholder in the message ''. This will be replaced with a unique, random short url for each recipient when sending the message.

4. Send the SMS campaign as normal.

When the recipient clicks on the URL, we record details such as:

  • Which contacts clicked it.
  • How many times they clicked it.
  • When did they click it.
  • What country and city are they from?
  • Which device type are they using (desktop, Android, iPhone etc). Bot is unknown.
  • Which web browser they're using (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc).

You can view this information by clicking on 'Links Opened' under SMS Campaigns. 

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