Incoming/Reply SMS options

Updated 3 years ago

These options can be set up on the dashboard by going to:

  1. Username (top right-hand corner)
  2. Messaging Settings
  3. SMS & MMS
  4. Inbound Rules
  5. Add New Rule
  • AUTO_REPLY   -   Send a SMS back to the user
  • EMAIL_USER   -    Forward as email to user who send the message
  • EMAIL_FIXED   -  Forward as email to dedicated address
  • URL   -  Forward to URL
  • SMS  - Forward as SMS to a dedicated mobile number
  • POLL -  Add to poll API inbox - Poll our server for updates
  • GROUP_SMS   -   Send Group SMS to contact list
  • MOVE_CONTACT   -  Move contact to a list
  • CREATE_CONTACT   -  Create a contact and add the phone number from the incoming SMS sender
  • CREATE_CONTACT_PLUS_EMAIL  -  Create contact. Also add the email address from the SMS body
  • SMPP -  forward SMS to SMPP bind - contact us to have this setup.
  • NONE - Do nothing

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