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The purpose of this article is to help you understand the analytics page of the SMS campaign and the meaning of the different stats displayed. This data is collected when a contact clicks on a link in your SMS campaign. As seen in the image below, when you click on your SMS campaign you can see the country, browser, device, and OS. These stats are useful for understanding who is interacting with your campaign so it's important to understand them.

When we search our database table for the given sms campaign id, then filter by user_device=bot to see examples. E.g. a lot of the IPs are like, which is a Google proxy (see I believe Android phones may proxy requests like this, hence those would show up as "bots".


The county field shows from which country the link was clicked from, its important to note that most web browsers and mobile devices have anti-malware software that runs from servers mostly based inside the United States. This software clicks on the link and checks for harmful material, this is why 'US' might appear in the country field even though you did not send an SMS to any contact based within the United States. It is also important to note that if the client is using a VPN, the country displayed here might be impacted by the VPN setting.


The browser field shows the web browser that was used when the click was clicked.


The device field shows the device that was used to click on the link. As discussed in the 'Country' section, Most modern devices and web browsers use anti-malware software to protect users. This is why 'Bot' might appear in the device field, this is just the anti-malware software.


The OS or operating system field provides information about the OS that was used by the contact's device when they clicked on the link.

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