How to adjust Text to Speech Voice calls

Updated 2 years ago

You can add pauses, breaks or even change the read out speed of TTS voice calls.

Add a pause/break

  • Basic: Use a comma or full stop as a small pause e.g. "Please enter your activation code 9, 0, 9, 0, in the next 20 minutes."
  • Advanced: Use the 'break' tag wrapped in 'speak' e.g. "<speak>This is an example <break time='2s' />test message.</speak>" where 'time' is in seconds followed by 's' wrapped in ' '.

Change read out rate

  • Advanced: Simply wrap the body text in the prosody tag. The prosody tag allows you to set the pitch, rate and volume of the text.

The volume attribute can be set to the following values: default, silent, x-soft, soft, medium, loud and x-loud.

The rate attribute changes the speed of speech. Acceptable values include: x-slow, slow, medium, fast and x-fast.

The pitch attribute changes the pitch of the voice. You can specify this using either predefined value labels or numerically. The value labels are: default, x-low, low, medium, high and x-high. The format for specifying a numerical pitch change is: +n% and -n%.

The example below shows how to change the volume, rate and pitch:

I am <prosody volume='loud'>loud and proud</prosody>,
<prosody rate='fast'>quick as a cricket</prosody>
and can <prosody pitch='x-low'>change my pitch</prosody>.

Adjusting your text to speech calls is set in the message body, your method of sending does not affect this.

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