How to remove failed contacts

Updated 2 days ago

There are a heap of reasons why an SMS doesn't reach its destination. All of these are out of our control. When an SMS is sent using our platform, we forward it onto the mobile networks nearly instantly.

Some of the most common reasons for a message to fail are the phone is out of signal, is switched off or is no longer connected.

These failed contacts will not be removed from your contacts lists, however if you wish to remove them to prevent future messages being sent and failed again, you can do the following:

1. Go to SMS history -

2. Filter status field so failed messages are at the top.

3. Export data to excel.

4. Remove all messages from excel and only leave messages that have failed. The only data you will require is the contact number. Save this to your desktop.

5. Upload these failed contacts into your opt-out list.

6. Once upload in your opt-out list, return to the contact list that you will send to again, and select Remove Opted-Out Contacts

Your failed contacts will now be removed from your contact list so you don't send to them again.

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