Can you send a group SMS using ClickSend?

Updated 2 years ago

Yes, you sure can! There are 2 options:

Group Email to SMS

This option works by sending an email to a special email address. When the email is received, it's converted to an SMS and sent to everyone in the contact list. To get the group SMS email address for a contact list:

  1. Login to your account dashboard
  2. Click on the 'Contacts' Menu
  3. Create or Open a contact list
  4. Click on the 'Group SMS' button

There is a limit of 1000 contacts per group send. If you'd like to send to more contacts, please use the SMS Campaigns area.

Group SMS Chat

This option works by sending an SMS to a dedicated number. When the SMS is received, it's sent to all users in the group. Any user can respond to that SMS, which will be sent to all other users.

To set this up:

  1. Purchase a dedicated number here:
  2. Add a new contact list and add contacts to it:
  3. Add a new rule here:

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