Emergency Comms Templates (Directory)

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We have drawn on our experience working with thousands of different businesses across a wide variety of industries and put together some templates that you may find useful for sending messages in certain scenarios. We have also included a list of State Government websites at the bottom of this article, in case you want to include these links in any of your messages

Some of these templates are suitable for general use across all industries (e.g. employee comms) whereas others are more tailored to suit specific industries. Obviously we cannot cover every scenario for every business type; however, we hope that these templates provide you with a basis on which to build your own messages and workflows.

General Use

Food & Beverage



  • School closure
    • Used to contact parents to advise on school closures due to the outbreak or a confirmed case
  • School remaining open
    • Used to notify parent/students that your organisation will be remaining open for the foreseeable future
  • Providing information
    • Used to contact parents to provide them a link to information about the school's management of the Coronavirus impact
  • General statement
    • Used to communicate to Parents and Staff on Principal’s letter

Event Management


Australian State Government Links

Below is a list of all State Government health websites, which you may want to include in your messages:

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