Emergency Group Alerts

Updated 5 years ago

You can send Emergency Group Alert SMS using ClickSend.

There are many ways this can be done using:

  • Group Email to SMS - This option works by sending an email to a special email address. When the email is received, it's converted to an SMS and sent to everyone in the contact list (more info). You can send up to 1,000 contacts with this method.
  • Trigger via Group SMS - This option works by sending an SMS to a dedicated number. When the SMS is received, it's sent to all users in the group. Any user can respond to that SMS, which will be sent to all other users (more info).
  • Online dashboard - Send a SMS to a contact list using our online dashboard. You can import contacts via CSV/Excel (more info). If you're sending up to 1,000 contacts use our Quick SMS and for larger lists use Campaigns. 
  • Mobile app (iPhone/Android) - Send a SMS to a contact list using our Mobile App. Search 'ClickSend' on your app store.
  • API - Send automatically from another application or service (developer docs).
  • SMPP - High throughput messaging protocol. Send to millions of contacts within minutes (developer docs).
  • Custom solution - We can develop a custom solution for you. Contact our team 24/7 to discuss your specific requirements.

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