How to get started with ClickSend

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1. Create your free account

Create your free ClickSend account here: Sign Up

You'll get some free credit to test our services.

2. Add some credit

To add further credit to your account you can top it up here: Add Credit

If you're sending over $1,000 per month and would prefer PostPaid, get in contact with us.

3. Add users (optional)

If this account is for a business and requires multiple account users, you can create subaccounts here: Add Subaccounts. This will allow each employee to have their own log in and certain access to the account.

4. Upload contacts (optional)

If you have a contact list you would like to upload, simply have an excel sheet with the required information in each column (Example: First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number) You will be able to upload this here: Upload Contacts . Once uploaded, it will require you to match your columns with the system. Example: First name- First name, Last name- Last name ect. If there was a column which doesn’t match, you can select the custom field options. Note: You do not have to have a contact list to be able to send SMS messages.

More information on how to upload your contacts can be viewed here.

5. Choose a number (optional)

To purchase a dedicated number you can do so here: Choose a Number . If you require to send or receive MMS, you will need to purchase an MMS enabled number. A dedicated number is a good solution if you are looking to advertise your number and allows contacts to message you directly.

6. Create your API Key (optional)

If you're a software developer, you'll need an API key. You can access your API key and generate more here.

7. Start Sending

For more information on how to start sending messages, there are more guides to help:

Send SMS

Send MMS (Picture Messages)

Send Fax

Send Voice (Text to Speech)

Send Email Marketing Campaigns

8. Visit our YouTube channel for helpful videos

ClickSend YouTube channel

Get Started With ClickSend

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