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All marketing messages must be sent on a dedicated registered sender ID.

As of December 2022, a new regulation from TDRA (UAE Regulator Authority) stipulates that all new sender ID registrations must include the following information:

The SenderID will be overwritten with "ORDERS" for test messages unless customers have a registered SenderID. All sender ID's must be 11 characters or less including the prefix AD-.

  • Submit authorized signatory's Valid Passport and Emirates ID of the brand Manager signing the NOC (Passport copy should be fine, in case Emirates ID is not there).
  • Power Of Attorney in case the authorized signatory's name is not mentioned in the Trade License/CR.

Marketing messages can ONLY be sent between 08:00 - 21:00 local time (GMT + 04:00). All marketing messages MUST have a way for the recipients to opt out of the campaign.

To Opt-out:

  • Du & Etisalat provide a short code for this: 7726
  • Subscribers opt-out by texting "B" (for block) & the sender ID to the short code. Example: B +971 12-345-6789

Further Opt-out Regulations

  • End brand must keep records of all customer opt-ins/consent to receive marketing SMS (also records of all SMS content providers and details for a period of up to 2 years)
  • A record of customer opt-outs is required
  • Opt-out via your own short code or a URL is also supported. If this method is chosen, the sender must manage their own opt-outs and keep a record of them.

How to Register SenderID

We can register your business name as the sender ID for a once off fee of $150 USD.

Contact our 24/7 Chat support for futher assistance.

Banned Content

- Gambling

- Betting

- Adult content - including ads for sex work & prostitution 

- Cryptocurrency

- Drugs, cannabis & vapes 

- Personal messaging

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