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The SenderID will be overwritten with "AD-ClickSnd" for all messages unless customers have a registered SenderID. All sender ID's must be 11 characters or less including the prefix AD-.

All marketing messages must be sent on a dedicated registered sender ID. As of December 2022, a new regulation from TDRA (UAE Regulator Authority) stipulates that all new sender ID registrations must include the following information:

  • Submit authorized signatory's Valid Passport and Emirates ID of the brand Manager signing the NOC (Passport copy should be fine, in case Emirates ID is not there).
  • Power Of Attorney in case the authorized signatory's name is not mentioned in the Trade License/CR.

Marketing messages can ONLY be sent between 08:00 - 21:00 local time (GMT + 04:00). All marketing messages MUST have a way for the recipients to opt out of the campaign.

To Opt-out:

  • Du & Etisalat provide a short code for this: 7726
  • Subscribers opt-out by texting "B" (for block) & the sender ID to the short code. Example: B +971 12-345-6789

Further Opt-out Regulations

  • End brand must keep records of all customer opt-ins/consent to receive marketing SMS (also records of all SMS content providers and details for a period of up to 2 years)
  • A record of customer opt-outs is required
  • Opt-out via your own short code or a URL is also supported. If this method is chosen, the sender must manage their own opt-outs and keep a record of them.

We can register your business name as the sender ID for a once off fee of $150 USD.

Fill and return these two forms (one for each carrier) to our support team to start the registration process.

(DU) UAE NOC Letters Brand To Sinch.docx

(Etisalat)UAE NOC Letters Brand To Sinch.docx

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