Short code vs Long code

Updated 2 years ago

Long codes are normal mobile numbers (normally 8-12 digits long). 

Short codes are like a normal mobile number, but are shorter (normally 4-8 digits long). Some people prefer short codes for advertising since it's a shorter number to remember. Some countries require business traffic to be sent over short codes. See country specific restrictions below.


Short codes are 6 digits. Short codes typically take 4 weeks to setup.

In Australia, you can choose to send traffic over long or short codes, there is no difference. A single long code or short code can be used to send unlimited traffic.

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Short codes are 5 digits long. A dedicated short code typically takes 8-12 weeks to setup.

If you're sending marketing messages, your traffic should be sent over a short code. Get in contact with our team to purchase a dedicated short code.

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New Zealand

Short codes are 4 digits long. Only dedicated short codes are allowed by the carriers in New Zealand.

All traffic is required to be sent over a short code. This is a network regulation. If any other providers are using long codes to send in New Zealand, they're using grey routes.

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