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  • All sender ID's are replaced with a generic long code or short code
  • Alpha sender ID's are not supported
  • Both one-way and two-way traffic is supported and can be sent on either a shared or dedciated short code
  • Both transactional and promotional content is allowed and require pre-registration

Regulations and Best Practices

The SMS traffic is regulated by the operators in Mexico. Political content to promote a political candidate or a political cause is not allowed and is subject to service termination. Religious content, Inappropriate words, raffles, fraud, alcohol and adult content is also not allowed. All A2P traffic is subject to filtering by Telcel

Service Approvals: All services must be approved by the operators in advance

Opt-In: Required. Any form of opt-in is allowed by the operators (web, call center, MO, etc.). The content provider should be able to demonstrate proof of opt-in in the event of an operator audit or a user complaint

Opt-out: Required. Any form of opt-out is allowed by the operators (web, call center, MO, etc.). The content provider is responsible for opting out the users from their databases.

End User Support/HELP message: Programs should support HELP message as a best practice

Allowed sending time for marketing programs: It is recommended to contact end users during their daytime hours unless the content is transactional or banking (one-time password, account balance, etc.).

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