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Messages to Italy will be overwritten to our approved Italian shared numbers, this is to ensure delivery of messages. 

Replies are supported on our shared numbers. 

No promotional messages are allowed between 9pm and 9am local time.

If you wish to register your business name as a sender ID we can do this for a once off fee of $150 USD.

Please provide our support team with the following information:

  1. What sender ID do you want registered? (11 characters maximum with no spaces).
  2. What are your business details?
  3. An example message
  4. Traffic type (transactional or marketing/promotional).
  5. Your website URL
  6. Your company VAT number
  7. Your company address
  8. Your PEC - a Certified Email Address that all companies in Italy own when they register their company in Italy

Dedicated Number

We can order a dedicated number for your account. Please provide us with these details:

  1. Company name:
  2. Contact details (email & phone):
  3. Service Description:

Voice messages must be sent on a dedicated Italian number. Contact our support team to set this up.

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