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ClickSend SMS Zoho Plugin

ClickSend allows you to send SMS using Zoho. Send bulk SMS messages or personalised one-on-one messages with your customers. If this doesn't work for you, another option is to integrate using Zapier.

Key Features:

  • Two-way SMS conversations
  • Notifications on inbound SMS
  • Message history
  • Bulk SMS messaging
  • Manage SMS templates with dynamic fields

Installation Steps:

  1. Install extension from the marketplace
  2. Enter your ClickSend API credentials. It will ask for your Username and API Key. You can find them here.
  1. Send your first SMS.

You can send SMS from Lead/Contact details view or form list view using the Send SMS button in each line.

  1. Notifications

ClickSend sends you notifications for outgoing and incoming SMS. In the notification section, put SMS in ClickSend SMS module in your CRM and bind this SMS with corresponded contacts.

If you get an SMS from a contact that doesn't exist, a new lead will be created and the message will be attached to the new lead.

  1. Send bulk SMS

You can select up to 25 contacts at once to send a SMS to. The contacts without numbers will be ignored.

  1. Working with templates

You have 3 adjustable placeholders that you can use in templates. You can use: %First_Name% %Last_Name% and %Full_Name% as placeholders in the SMS templates.

  1. You can send SMS using a Custom Workflow function:
baseUrl = "https://rest.clicksend.com/v3";
apikey = zoho.crm.getOrgVariable("clicksendext__ClickSend_Apikey");
login = zoho.crm.getOrgVariable("clicksendext__ClickSend_Username");
sender = "ClickSend";
body = "TEST SMS"
items = List:Map();
recordId = 123456789;
module = "Contacts";
contact = zoho.crm.getRecordById(module,recordId);
custom_string = module + ":"+ recordId + ":"+ entity.get("Full_Name");
phone = contact.get("Phone").replaceAll("[^\d\+]","");
if(sender != null && sender != "" && sender != "ClickSend")
response = postUrl(baseUrl + "/sms/send","{\"messages\":[" + items.toString() + "]}",{"Content-Type":"application/json","Authorization":"Basic " + zoho.encryption.base64Encode(login + ":" + apikey)});

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