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To get ClickSend's WooCommerce SMS plugin for free, email support@clicksend.com


Once you have the plugin, you may install it on your Woocommerce dashboard. Here are the steps on how to:

  1. When you are in Admin dashboard, go to Plugins and Add New
  2. Click Upload plugin and locate the  plugin in .zip format
  3. Once uploaded, proceed with Install Now button
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Successful upload will lead you to a page says Plugin activated
  6. Double check Plugin Menu and you would see it being added

Setting up

  1. Go to Woocommerce Menu > SMS to Customer Settings > ClickSend API Settings and add your ClickSend API credentials to connect your account > Save changes

    - 'ClickSend username' is the username you use in ClickSend

    - 'ClickSend Secure API key' is the API key found in the ClickSend dashboard: https://dashboard.clicksend.com/#/account/subaccount

  1. Then go to General Options and be sure SMS Service is set to ClickSend. As for other fields, check below details:

    'From Number / Name' - this is the sender number. You can put your dedicated number purchased from ClickSend. You can leave it blank as well and it would automatically use our free shared numbers as a sender.

    - As for 'Change phone field' and 'Shipping phone model' - leave it as Phone (GSM)

    Remember to save changes

How It Works

With Woocommerce SMS plugin being added, admin can now send SMS to contacts. Can send individually or by bulk by ticking selected contacts.

Can also send SMS under a specific customer when you edit them. You can send SMS to any confirmed changes to the customer

You can edit SMS content under Manual SMS Sending Settings

You can also edit SMS content for each status under Automatic SMS Sending Settings. You have the option to disable each of them too.

Also any confirmed order made in the website sends SMS to the customer who made the order.

Can you send invoice or receipt of the purchased items?

Yes you can via SMS. We have added these placeholders to populate in the body of SMS:

  • %s – First name of customer
  • %d – Order number
  • %total – Order total price
  • %items – list of purchased items with their pricing

You can customise your message to include order number, purchased items and total price to make it like a receipt or invoice and send it via SMS to your customer.

Or you can use our ready message samples found within Woocommerce extension.

That's it! Now you can send manual and automated SMS from Woocommerce.

Not able to send? Check for the following:

1. From/Send Number - If you are putting business name, it can only allow maximum of 11 characters with no spaces.

2. Order Action - You have to select an action to be able to send SMS from Woocommerce. 'Send SMS to customer' action sends the message under Manual Sending Settings, while 'Resend new order notification' action sends the message under statuses you have set on the settings.

3. Phone number - Customers' phone numbers must be in international format.

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