Employee Locked out of OneLogin

Updated 10 months ago

  • If an employee is locked out of OneLogin or has lost their cell/mobile and cannot use 2FA, uninstalling Authy won't help.
  • They need a temporary code, and to set up 2FA again in OneLogin
  • The employee should contact their direct manager (or another manager if timezone/hours is a problem)

  • The employee's manager can then contact @jules or log a request in #mm-it-central to request a temporary 2FA toke
  • You can also escalate to @Bec if urgent

This two-step process is in place to ensure we validate OneLogin resets, as a fraudulent reset could allow a bad-actor access to our systems: very bad.

Sales & Support team members to download the Authy Desktop App and log in as well - https://authy.com/download/If an employee loses/breaks their phone, they cannot just install Authy on another phone and use it straight away, Authy will lock them out for 24hrs.Which means they will not have any access to ClickSend Admin which relies on Authy. But if they have it installed on their laptop too, they will be able to be up an running immediately

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