ActiveCampaign Opt out Automation

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Learn how to set up an automation rule that adds people who reply “STOP” to an opt-out contact list. Set up the opt-out automation in the ClickSend Dashboard.

Follow these steps if you’re using the ActiveCampaign integration. 

Set up

  1. Go to your ClickSend Dashboard.

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner. Then, click on Messaging Settings.

  1. Click on Add New Rule in m=Messaging Settings.

  1. Select the dropdown menu for Match For. Then click Message contains.

  1. Add 'STOP' in the Search Term field.

  1. Select the dropdown menu under Action and click CREATE_CONTACT.

  1. Select the dropdown menu for Contact list and click on Opt Out List. Save the Opt-out automation rule by clicking ADD.

  1. Navigate back to the SMS & MMS in Message Settings. You should see the Opt out rule in your list of inbound rules.

All done. If you’ve set up the automation correctly, everytime someone replies with ‘STOP’ they'll be moved to your opt-out contact list. 

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