Global Sending

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We want to make sure that it’s easy to send SMS around the world with ClickSend. However, global SMS regulations vary from country to country. Global Sending helps you navigate any compliance requirements and regulations — all in one place. 

Enabling Global sending

What is Global Sending?

Think of it like a global compliance hub in your ClickSend Dashboard. It’s a tool you can use to set your account up to send an SMS to any country you choose. 

Once you’ve selected the countries you want to send to, you’ll be asked to read and agree to any important rules, regulations or requirements. In some countries you may need to register a number, your business or messages. 

Some countries have requirements you must meet before you can send your first message. But, don’t worry — Global Sending will guide you through each step to make it as easy as possible. In many cases, you can enable a country and start sending in a few clicks. 

Why should I use it?

Following the rules and regulations keeps your business and your customers safe. Many countries and network providers use powerful spam filters. They may block your SMS or flag it as spam if you haven't met the compliance requirements.

In short, Global Sending ensures smooth and uninterrupted sending to get your messages to their destination.

How does it work?

Every country you’re sending to will need to be enabled before you can send an SMS to each location. You can find your list of enabled countries under the green ‘Ready to send messages’ dropdown in Global Sending.

Note that some countries will need to be registered with regulators or phone networks before they can be enabled. 

If you need any assistance with Global Sending, our 24/7 support team is always online to help.

How can I enable Global sending

Please be advised that the Global Sending function is not yet available for all clicksend clients. If Global Sending is not enabled on your account and you want to be a part of the beta release, please contact our support team and let them know that you want Global Sending enabled on your account.

The Global Sending option can be found in the top drop-down menu. If you cannot see this option and you want to enable Global Sending, please contact our support team.

Where can I view country specific information?

You can view our table of country information here

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