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To implement the functionality of triggering any app action via for every inbound SMS received, you would need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a Scenario and look for Webhook > Custom Webhooks. Custom Webhooks will be the trigger of the workflow.

  1. Add a webhook and name it according to your reference. Then copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Go to Message Settings and under Inbound Rules tab, create a new rule.
  3. To allow dedicated inbound SMS, a dedicated number is required. You can purchase a dedicated number here and add it to the inbound rule.
    Note that you can still use the option 'Any' and it will work with shared numbers but these pool of shared numbers are shared accross to to ClickSend users.
    You can also add condition by utilising the Match for and create auto reply messages based on keywords.
  4. Now for the Action, select url and paste the webhook url you got from Make. You can click Add Test Reply to send test post data to the custom webhook url for later testing. Remember to save your inbound rule by clicking the Add button at the bottom.
  5. Going back to Make platform, click OK button to save the custom webhook url the Make platform generated for you.
  6. Now add your action app and you should be able to map dynamic data coming from custom webhook to action fields. These sample data came from the Add test Reply you did earlier on step 5.
  7. With this setup, you can map dynamic data to any action cloud app the Make platform supports.


If you’re having problems, please check the following:

  1. Check your Authentication. It should be using your ClickSend's username and API key not your ClickSend password.
  2. Make sure you have a dedicated number to allow inbound messages all the time.
  3. Double check the webhook url address saved under ClickSend's inbound rule. It should be same with the one's Make platform provided for you.
  4. Assure the inbound rule you created was saved and enabled.


  1. Can I receive inbound messages worldwide?
    - Not all country supports inbound messages. Please check which countries allow 2 way messaging here.
    - If alpha tags are used for outbound messaging, it will not support inbound text messages.
  2. Can I use shared numbers for receiving inbound SMS?
    - Shared numbers are shared across to ClickSend users. We recommend the use of dedicated number. You can purchase a dedicated number here. Dedicated number guarantees receiving inbound SMS.

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