How to validate an "own number/mobile"

Updated 4 months ago

Depending on the destination country, you have the choice to verify your own number/mobile as the sender ID. This allows your number to appear on the recipient's handset when the message is received.

* Note that replies are not supported via ClickSend and will be sent directly back to the number.

How to validate "Own number/mobile"

Via Dashboard

  1. On your ClickSend account, open Sender IDs menu.
  2. Scroll to Own Numbers table and click on Add button.
  3. Optionally, you can name your own number for your reference.
  4. Enter your own number and click on Send Code to receive a 6 digit verification code.
  5. Enter the code to verify and use.


Registration is still required via ClickSend dashboard.

Once registration has been approved for your Sender IDs, simply set the 'from' parameter.

E.g. 'from=MyCompany'. If you want to use a shared number, leave from blank or null.


  1. Can I register my virtual number as an own number to send SMS from ClickSend?
    Yes, but most of virtual numbers are not tied to a physical device, therefore they won't have an inbox. You'll need an inbox for your virtual number to receive OTP.

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