Why your ClickSend balance can change when Exchange Rates move

Updated 2 years ago

ClickSend is a global company with staff in Australia, Great Britain, The United States and beyond. We are headquartered in Perth, Australia, and our accounts are maintained in Australian currency (AUD). All transactions - whether payments, message fees or monthly fees - are converted to AUD at the point in time of the transaction. If your account is setup in a different currency like USD, Euros or GBP, everything you see in the platform will be converted back to your currency live.

In other words, if you're purchasing $100 USD (for example), you're essentially purchasing $157 AUD worth of credits (depending on the exchange rates on the day you purchase).

ClickSend update the exchange rates weekly in our platform. Your balance might be adjusted when the exchange rates move, but the SMS price will move evenly. So the volume of messages that can be sent does not change, as your local message pricing moves at the same rate as your balance.

Here's an example, looking at a top-up in USD, and sending messages to US numbers.

John buys $100 in credits in USD on 1 October 2022. The exchange rate on that day is $0.6404USD = $1.00 AUD, and so it is stored in our system as $157.01 AUD. The message price when he bought credits is $0.035AUD, which is converted to $0.0224USD, meaning John can send 4,461 messages with his balance.

When John looks at his account again on 15 October 2022, the exchange rate is now $0.6199USD = $1.00 AUD. His balance was stored in AUD as $157.01, but now equates to $96.79USD. But the message price is still $0.035AUD, which is now converted to $0.0217USD, meaning John can still send 4,461 messages with his balance.

Example with balance in USD, and sending to US


AUD > USD Rate

AUD Balance*

USD Balance**

Price in AUD*

Price in USD**

Total Messages

1 Oct 2022







15 Oct 2022







* The balance is stored in AUD, and the message price is set in AUD, so these amounts are fixed.

** The account balance and message price are converted to USD live, using that day's exchange rates

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