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Fax - What file formats are supported?

Paper Size

We support A4. All sheets will need to be in portrait orientation. You can still send landscape pages, they must be in portrait orientation though.

File Size

4 MB max. If you need larger files to be supported, please let us know.

File Formats

Via the Dashboard or Email to Fax

  • PDF
  • docx
  • doc
  • rtf

If you need any more file types, please let us know.

Via the API

  • PDF

If you need to convert a file to a PDF, it can be first passed to our uploads endpoint: /uploads?convert=fax

This will return a URL to the converted pdf file that can be used in the /fax/send endpoint.

More info: http://docs.clicksend.apiary.io/#reference/fax

Inbound Fax

Inbound fax will be converted to a PDF. 

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