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Dedicated long codes, short codes and alpha tagss are supported, but require pre-registration or they will be overwritten with a generic long code or short code. 

One-Way messaging:

 Message Capabilities

  • Concatenated SMS: Not Supported
  • GSM Standard Encoding: Supported
  • GSM Extended Encoding: Not Supported
  • Unicode Encoding: Not Supported.

UCS2 or Latin1 not supported. If UCS2 is used, messages don't arrive, if Latin1 is used, messages arrive but the letters with an accent are replaced with a space or same letter without the accent: "su código" becomes "su c digo" or "su codigo".

Two-Way messaging:

  • 2-Way SMS via standard rated Shared and Dedicated Short Codes in Argentina is offered. 
  • Both transactional and promotional content are allowed. All services must be approved in advance by the operators.

Message Capabilities

  • Concatenated SMS: Supported
  • GSM Standard Encoding: Supported (limited character support)
  • GSM Extended Encoding: Not Supported
  • Unicode Encoding: Not Supported

Regulations and Best Practices

The following content is not allowed:

  • Gambling
  • Adult content
  • political content

All promotional/marketing services on dedicated short codes must be approved by the operators in advance.

Opt-In: Required

Any form of opt-in is allowed by the operators (web, call center, MO, paper form, etc.). The content provider should be able to demonstrate proof of opt-in in the event of an operator audit or a user complaint. The messages and campaigns should always match the messages and campaigns initially submitted and approved by the operators

Opt-Out: Required

The content provider is responsible for opting out the users from their database

  • Opting-out via a Dedicated Short Code: The end user must send ‘’FIN’’ or ‘’BAJA’’ to the relevant dedicated short code
  • Opting-out via a Shared Short Code: The subscriber's SMS should include the above opt-out keywords as well as the relevant to the program keyword

Example: If client X uses the keyword WU for their campaign on a shared short code. Opt-out SMS must be WU BAJA or WU FIN to cancel receiving further SMS

End User Support/HELP message:

Programs should support HELP message as a best practice

Allowed sending time for marketing programs:

Promotional and Marketing content can only be sent between the hours of 9 am and 10 pm Monday-Sunday 

Additional Regulations

Operator policies in Argentina state that traffic promoting other networks than the one that this SMS is terminating with is strictly not allowed; all messages that do not comply with this rule will not be delivered



Restricted Words


Claro, Movistar & Nextel


Personal, Movistar & Nextel


Claro, Personal & Nextel


Claro, Movistar & Personal

Advertising Restrictions

Advertising messages can only be sent to opted in contacts.

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