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  • Alpha tags do not require pre-registration (Except networks CSL HK and PCCW, which require pre-registration)
  • Both one-way and two-way messaging are supported
  • Two-way messaging is done via numeric long codes
  • One-way messaging is not supported on short codes or international long codes

How to register an Alpha tag

Please provide the following details:

  1. SenderID
  2. Sample content
  3. Company name

Reach out to @Jeka for the updated LOA forms.

Regulations and Best Practices

Forbidden content types

  • Adult
  • Gambling
  • Spam

Do Not Contact (DNC) registry for e-mails & SMS is in effect and has been enforced since 2008. Brands need to check this database to ensure they don’t send to any numbers that is on this list, unless they have received explicit consent.


Not required but must comply with guidelines set by OFCA. The guidelines state that:

A sender is not required to obtain prior consent from the recipient concerned when sending commercial electronic messages (CEMs) which include SMS, but has to comply with the requirements of the Unsolicited Electronic Message Ordinance (UEMO) below:

  • provide accurate sender information
  • provide free unsubscribe facilities
  • honor unsubscribe requests
  • cleanse the distribution lists against the do-not-call registers (“DNCRs”)
  • no misleading subjects shall be used in commercial email messages
  • no hiding of calling line identification is allowed when making a call or sending a fax message
  • until the recipient expresses his/her wish of not receiving CEMs by
  • making use of the unsubscribe facility provided by the sender
  • registering his/her telephone number to the relevant DNCR

Please read the concent guidelines from regulator below:



Opt-out option must be provided to recipient. Please read the opt-out guidelines from regulator below:



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