What messages will show up in the messenger

Updated 9 months ago

Message sources that will show up in the messenger.

With the new messenger, it is important to know that not all messages will show up in the clicksend Messenger. For example, users that use the clicksend API might send (~1,000k) messages per day; allow all these messages to show up in the clicksend messenger would result in user experience issues as it would become difficult for users to keep track of all these messages. For this reason, we have created a list of messages sources (platform used to send the messages) that would appear in the messenger.

Outbound Messages:

  • Messenger
  • Dashboard (Quick SMS) 
  • clickSendApps

Inbound Messages:

  • Quick SMS
  • Messenger
  • ClickSendApp
  • Automations
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Unsolicited inbound - send to Messenger.
  • Messenger

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