Is there a lead capture form I can put on my website?

Updated 3 years ago

Yes. There are multiple ways you can add a lead capture form on your website that links with ClickSend:

  1. Wordpress - multiple options listed here
  2. Typeform & Zapier - you can use Typeform with Zapier to send form data to ClickSend

Add lead capture form to any page using the short code [ClickSendLeadCaptureForm]

  1. Once you have downloaded the clicksend-lead-capture-form zip file. Upload it on the plugin and install it.
  1. Activate the plugin and you will see that it will be automatically added on your list of plugins and on the wordpress menu.
  2. Go to ClickSend Lead Capture Form menu and add your credentials.
    - 'ClickSend username' is the username you use in ClickSend
    - 'ClickSend Password' is the API key found in the ClickSend dashboard:
  1. You can add a From number or you can leave it blank to automatically use shared number from ClickSend.
    You can also add your phone number in Admin field so you get notifications of any new submission on your web page.
  2. Enable the form fields to show on the web page and add label on each.
  1. Enable Form actions. Select contact list where you want the leads to accumulate. Then compose your SMS to send to the customer when they submit a form.
    You can also get notified on your phone when you enable 'notification to Admin'
    Remember to Save Configuration to apply changes.
  2. Now go to the Pages menu of your Wordpress account and select an existing page or add a new one.
    Add the short code [ClickSendLeadCaptureForm] to the visual. You can also add descriptions to guide your leads on what to press to submit just like below.
    Click Update button when you are done on visual and visit your permalink to check applied changes on your webpage.
  3. Below is an example part of a webpage where the lead capture form is added using the short code [ClickSendLeadCaptureForm].

That's it! Now you can collect your leads into a list easily and send SMS to them manually or automatically.

You can also use Contact Based Automation to send SMS to your leads automatically when they are added to a specific list in ClickSend. See this help guide for more info on how to do it.

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