What reporting is available on the dashboard?

Updated 1 year ago

Your dashboard will show you all of your inbound, outbound, and bounced (failed) messages and the corresponding dates that they were sent/received.

In the history/reporting section under the SMS tab, you will see all inbound and outbound messages along with:

  • the status of the message
  • the recipient of the message
  • the date of the message
  • the subaccount that sent the message

You can filter by searching for specific 'to' numbers, 'from' numbers, contact names, date ranges, and subaccounts. You can also click the 'i' button to the right of the message to find information such as the reason for a failed message, error codes, the message cost, the number of message parts and a unique message ID that can be used to report a delivery issue with the networks to find out the reason for a message failure that might not be apparent right away. You just click the 'report an issue' button and follow the prompts. Our support team will follow up with you via email once they receive the information back from the networks.

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