Personalize Letters with Word (docx file)

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This article explains how to use the Mail Merge feature with a Word document to create and send personalised letters by using data from contact lists.

When you use the Mail Merge feature, a main document merges with a recipient list to generate a set of output documents. 

You will need:

  • A word document that contains the letter contents along with placeholders (merge fields) to be replaced with personalised content (such as recipient names and addresses) that vary from one generated letter to another.
  • A contact list that contains the data to be merged into the output letters.

You will get:

  • Personalised letters as a result of the mail merge. Each letter is personalised to each recipient data in the contact list. 

Below is a step by step guide on how to use mail merge functionality for letters. 

  1. Create your Word document. It will need to be saved in a .docx format and adhere to our post letter template.
  2. When drafting the document insert merge fields where you want to merge names, addresses, and other information from the contact list.

To insert merge fields, in the main document, click where you want to insert the field and within double parentheses place the name of the field.

For example: <<FirstName>>, <<Address>>, <<greetings>>.

These placeholders will be mapped to the values of each recipient in your contact list. 

The correct format of placeholders is:


Following any other format of the placeholders will result in failing the mapping process which would result in failing to merge the correct fields and the generated letters will not be personalized
  1. Create a letter campaign
    To create a letter campaign, you need to:
    1. Click on Add a Campaign button 
    2. Give your campaign a name for your own reference and hit Begin to get started!
    3. Upload your newly created .docx file.
    4. Map the data fields. Map the detected placeholders in the file you uploaded to our data fields by selecting the data field from the drop-down list next to each detected placeholder.
  2. Select the recipients in the To section

You can select the recipients that you want to include. You can select individual recipients, recipient lists, or a combination of both.

  1. Select a return address.
  2. Select printing and sending options.
  • Selected printing and sending options will be applied on all generated personalised letters
  1. Preview the first generated letter

In the preview section, you will be able to preview the first generated letter with the data of the first recipient in your contact list.

The number of generated pages per letter might change/ differ based on the size of the values replacing the placeholders. 
  1. Confirm sending your campaign
    In the confirmation modal:
    • Estimated number of pages is based on the first generated letter pages count
    • Estimated cost is based on the first generated letter pages count.

That's it, your peronsalised letter campaign will be sent 🎉

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