Understanding Letter Pricing

Updated 5 years ago

Standard letters can have up to 8 pages (duplex) or 4 pages (simplex). If your document is larger than this large letter pricing applies, up to 120 (duplex) or 60 pages (simplex). Pricing is the same as a standard letter plus additional costs which can be found for your country here

We charge letters per page, this means that if it is duplex (double-sided) you will be charged for two pages. We support duplex or simplex - there is no difference in pricing.

For example, if you were sending a letter that is two pages (whether it is simplex or duplex) you would be charged for one letter plus two pages. If you are not following our template for the letterhead you will be charged for one extra page for us to print the address on. 

If you are sending a mix of colour and greyscale documents, they will all be charged as colour.  

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