Creating a Jira ticket for L3 Escalations to DevOps & Product team

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Creating a Jira ticket for L3 Escalations to DevOps & Product team 

For issues that need to be escalated to DevOps, Product or Development teams follow the below steps: 

Step 1 

Create a ticket directly in Jira  


Select Project as Customer Technical Support (CTS) and Issue type as ‘Bug’. The status field will be filled in automatically. Give a short title of the issue in Summary. 



Step 2 

Description - This is most important section where we need to share as much details as possible. 

What is the current observation: Explain what the issue is, including which service (SMS, Email Marketing, Fax etc and numbers/email id the customer is sending ‘from’, ‘to’ etc 

Where is the issue occurring (Mobile/Dashboard/API): Dashboard 

What OS & Version is the customer (Win/Mac/Linux): Win10 

Customer’s web browser/Version: Edge 112.0  

What is the expected outcome/behaviour: Customer needs to send out campaigns to all contact lists 

What steps have you taken to resolve it: Explain in detail what steps have you taken with the customer 

Have you tried to replicate the issue (If yes): Clearly mention steps followed to replicate or attach screenshots/videos (below) 

Have you tried to replicate the issue (If no): Why? 

Intercom Ticket Number: Mention intercom ticket number here for reference. 

Note: The dev team has no access to the admin dashboard, they can’t view customer profile links, so mention all relevant details from admin, required to understand the customer situation 




Step 3 


The priority of the issue will help dev/product teams give the right attention to the fault/bug and move it up the priority chain, here’s the guidelines 

Critical: Issue is impacting multiple ClickSend customers & services (SMS, Email etc) 

Highest: Single service down (SMS) but impacting many customers  

High: Multiple services down for a customer or Impacting a HV/Gold Star customer 

Medium: Issue impacting a single customer 

Low: Impacting a single task/feature (e.g., can’t import contacts list etc) 




Step 4 


  • Video or screenshots of steps taken to resolve the issue with customer 
  • Attach a loom video recording of the steps taken to replicate and reproduce the issue. 




Step 5 

Linked Issue: 



In Linked Issues select ‘relates to’ from the drop down and select any related bug that you think is connected to the same fault/bug. 

Step 6 

Criteria to Prioritise the Bug 

Value of customer – Mention the revenue of this customer, this can be seen in Admin 

Number of customers impacted – Mention the number of customers impacted with this bug/fault 

Revenue impact to CS – If Sales has mentioned the revenue impact of not fixing this bug, mention it here 

Risk to the business if not corrected – This is the impact to CS if we don’t fix the problem, will it escalate or further impact other customers if not fixed/resolved. 



Step 7 

Intercom Ticket Updated 

Once the bug is created mentioned the Bug reference number in the intercom ticket for reference and update the ETA & follow-up steps when Jira is actioned. Close the ticket in intercom. 







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