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1-Way SMS

Orange, Vodafone and Digi Mobil are destinations that require Alpha Tag pre-registration and URL whitelist.

  • If Alpha Tag is not registered: It will be overwritten to a Shared Short Code.
  • If Sender Address is not included in the URL whitelist: Messages with URL in the content will fail.
Alpha Tag Registration Requirements

To register your Alpha Tag, please provide the following details via our 24/7 chat support.

  • Alpha Tag
  • Company Name
  • Sample Message
  • Website URL
  • Service Description (Marketing/Transactional/OTP)
  • URL (if in content)

Registration ETA: 40 working days

2-Way SMS

Two-way traffic is supported on local short codes

URLs in the message body will need to be whitelisted or could face filtering by local networks. Contact our 24/7 chat support team to set this up. There is a once-off fee of $350 USD imposed by the local networks.

We'll require the following details, once these details have been returned to us further NOC letters will be provided.

  • Sender ID (max 11 characters)
  • Business details
  • Example message
  • URL
  • Traffic type (transactional/marketing)

Regulations and Best Practices

  • Gambling, betting, and adult content is not allowed.
  • Operator regulation in Romania require that an auto-reply SMS must be sent to each mobile subscriber's MO message.
  • Sinch provides this as a charged service, with the following auto-reply sent upon receiving an MO SMS (in Romanian): "Aceasta este confirmarea pentru primirea si inregistrarea mesajului dumneavoastra." (English: This is the confirmation of receiving and registering your message)

Allowed sending time for marketing programs: It is not allowed to send promotional/marketing content between 10 pm to 8 am local time (GMT+2)

URL Whitelist This destination is subject to URL filtering within the message content. To avoid blocking, please request that the brand is added to the URL whitelist upon registration. Please be advised that the URL (especially shortens like tiny[.]url, bit[.]ly) should be verified in advance to be a trusted WWW source.

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