10DLC Trust Score

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What is a 10DLC Trust Score?

A Trust Score is a rating that a brand is given when they register with Bandwidth.

Bandwidth manages the new registration system for US wireless carriers. 

Here’s how it works

ClickSend receives a registration request for US 10DLC messaging from a customer. We forward the registration information to Bandwidth. Then Bandwidth reviews the information and provides a Trust Score. 

Bandwidth uses an algorithm to assess your company using specific criteria and assign a Trust Score. 

How can you get a higher Trust Score?

It's important to note that Trust Scores remain static and do not change automatically over time. To gain high trust scores, we encourage users to provide matching and valid details on the registration. 

Why does your Trust Score matter?

In essence, a higher Trust Score corresponds to greater messaging throughput (MPS). Low trust scores may lead to reduced throughput. 

For example: If your use case has been approved with a score of 60, your daily cap of SMS is 40,000 with a throughput per min (TPM) of 600 on the  AT&T network. All overage messages will be dropped and not queued if users go over their limit. 

See below reference for throughput for US carriers based on score.

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