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  • Alpha tags require pre-registration.
  • If you are sending marketing messages, your alpha tag should have the prefix 'ADV' followed by your alpha sender.
  • Only one-way messaging is supported, two-way messaging is not allowed.

Regulations and Best Practices

Forbidden content types

  • Adult
  • Alcohol & tobacco
  • Gambling
  • Medicines/drugs
  • Political
  • Religious


  • The alpha tag must begin with the prefix "adv", for example, "advAlphaTag" (prefix and sender ID must not exceed 11 characters
  • Messaging curfew for marketing SMS is 21:00 - 08:00 local time (GMT + 02:00)
  • No messages to be sent on Fridays, Saturdays and official holidays
  • No opt-out content required for marketing SMS

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