ClickSend Reliability

Updated 4 years ago

High Performance Direct Routes

The only way to be certain that your messages are delivered properly and on time is to use a legitimate, reputable, “white” route. Play it safe – choose a reliable, legal, and legitimate premium SMS partner like ClickSend for fast and effective delivery of all your text messages. 

Military-grade Security

Reliable 100% Uptime SLA

Lightning Fast Delivery Times

We can accept messages as fast as you can throw them at us! Typically, messages are delivered within 5 seconds.

We start sending messages instantly to the networks. If you're sending a huge amount (over 100,000 at once), it's possible to setup a throughput of up to 30k messages/minute. If high throughput is important to you, contact us to discuss your requirements.

We have several clients that use our system for bulk mission-critical messages. 

If your messages are time-sensitive, please let us know because we can increase the priority of your account. 

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