Fax Porting

Updated 6 months ago

We can port your existing fax number to ClickSend. You will then be able to use all of ClickSends functionality such as sending faxes online and email to fax.

A simple port can take up to 40 days to finalise, but generally it takes around two weeks. Complex ports (such as porting a virtual number) can take up to 120 days.

Download and return this form to our 24/7 chat support team quoting your user ID Fax Number Porting Authority.pdf

Please send a copy of your latest invoice from your current provider.

You will continue to get faxes via the fax machine until the number is ported over. There is usually no downtime on this.

If you are porting a US or UK number please supply your last invoice.


Simple Fax Port $30 AUD

Complex Fax Port $110 AUD

Port Rejection fee $20 AUD (including GST) (this is only assessed should your port be rejected for any reason)

Standard monthly fees then apply, see here: https://www.clicksend.com/au/pricing/au/#fax

*We are unable to reach 08 numbers in the UK as they are geographically restricted.

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