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Updated 3 years ago

We can source fax numbers in most countries if they are unavailable on the dashboard or if you are looking for a specific area code. Please let our 24/7 chat support team know what you are searching for and provide these details depending on the country.

United States of America

  • Local address that matches the area code requested.


  • Valid proof of address
  • Valid proof of ID
    Valid proof of address are as follows:
    • Handelsregisterauszug (Commercial Register)
    • Bescheinigung der Gewerbeanzeige (Business Registration)
    • Business Taxation document supplied by the local authority whether that be government, state, municipality.
    • For self-employed (Gewerbetreibender) or freelancers (Freiberufler) also known as free professionals 
    Valid proofs of ID are as follows for all number types:
    • Government issued ID from any country (Passport/National ID Card/Driving Licence ID Card). We accept ages of 18 years and over.
    • The ID must be of the representative named on the business registration or the ID of an authorized representative along with a document linking the authorized representative to the business must be provided.


  • Local address that matches the area code requested.

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