Unrecognised ClickSend.com charge on my credit card statement

Updated 4 years ago

Important: Did you receive a ClickSend charge that you don’t recognise? Find charges for purchases on your ClickSend account here.

Before contacting us, compare your purchase history with your charges, then check the following:

  • A friend, family member, or current/former employee may have purchased on ClickSend using your payment method. You can only see receipts for purchases made on your own ClickSend account, so we recommend reaching out to them to confirm or make changes.
  • Has your business recently sent out a SMS/Email/Voice/Fax/Letter/Postcard campaign? If so, it was probably sent through ClickSend.

If you still don't recognise the charge, don't process a chargeback. Contact us via the live chat below and we can give you more information on the charge.

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